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The Service Department of Horsham Harley-Davidson invite their valued customers to join the Horsham Harley Power League - an exclusive group of motorcycle owners and their bikes who have taken their passion for power to the next level.

When you qualify for the elite Horsham Harley Power League, your hunger for horsepower is rewarded through recognition on our Honour Board and receiving an exclusive Badge of Distinction which you can wear with pride when riding your motorcycle.


Bragging Rights are automatically yours as a certified member of the Horsham Harley Power League - our Online Honour Board below testifies your own personal story.


Mick R.          '11 VRSCDX 156.39hp
David F.         '08 VRSCDX 138.25hp
Rob C.           '07 VRSCX 136.38hp
Terry G.          '14 VRSCDX 135.23hp   


Peter S.          '08 FXSTB 120R 116.05hp
Terry G.           '11 FLSTSE2 110 112.96hp
Ross D.           '13 FLHTCUSE8 110 110.32hp
David E.          '06 FXDBI 95 103.0hp
Wal A.             '07 FXST 103 102.42hp
Drew S.           '13 FXSB 103 102.15hp
Phil S.             '14 FXSB 103 100.92hp


Ashley W.        '08 XL1200 92.5hp

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Horsham Harley-Davidson Power League Qualification Criteria  

  • Only customers who have engine and performance work as well as a full Dynometer run provided by Horsham Harley-Davidson resulting in Horsepower Outputs as per below will qualify to be a Member of the Horsham Harley-Davidson Power League.

  • In the case of used motorcycles, the qualifying perfomance work must be completed under current ownership for that person for entry to the League.

  • Stock Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are not qualified.

  • League Qualification Criteria:

            o   V-Rods: 130 Hp
            o   Big Twins (Tourers, Dynas & Softails): 100 Hp
            o   Sporters: 90 Hp

  • The 10 highest rated Horsepower outputs will be displayed on the Store Honour Board, however, all members will be displayed on the online Honour Board.

  • Horsham Harley-Davidson Service Department reserves right to final decision in the case of dispute.